Thursday, December 24, 2009

healing & holiday hurray

It has been a full day but a wonderful day for the most part.

I thought after 24 hours free of flu bug . . . it bit again. Poor, poor Faithy.
Yep she was bitten by the yucky tummy flu bug. :-( yikes !!! Ouch!!!!
Have prayed for her and for Haddy not to get bitten. Okay healing is what we desire here before hitting anyone else. I know we will make it. Emily and Tia are much better now so they empathise with her. For now the family is being wonderfully working together all day.

They have made Haddy's birthday blissful. It is great to see them all so very excited to make this birthday special for her. Tia even mentioned that it was wonderful because, "Mom, it will no longer be Christmas Eve for us but Haddy's Birthday, a time for us to celebrate!" with a huge smile upon her face. I agree! We all reminisce about what last year was like awaiting her arrival. This year we were all in a wonderful spirit of Holiday Hurray Cheer!

Singing Happy Birthday from the moment we awoke until we all laughed along with her excitement of opening her cards, her gifts and then diving into her cake! Joy! Today has been wonderful just WONDERFUL! The Birthday Celebration, getting ready for the day and the time to make our traditional reindeer cookies for a very special visitor to enjoy (of coarse much later when we are all sleeping ;-D ). Also for us to just get to be together as a family! I LOVED seeing all of the girls together.

May you enjoy your time together like we have! Merry Christmas to all and to ALL A GOOD NIGHT!!!

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