Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Oh no . . . . tummy flu go away!!!!

Wow . . . got through that flu season until 2:30 this morning and our first little girl was Hit and bad.
Tia . . . poor Teeg . . . Not a good morning. We miss read this one; thinking it was from too many sweets. Waken from a dead sleep to rushing up the stairs to try and comfort our precious daughter was the fastest I've ever been awaken I think.

After trying to comfort her we set up a room to set herself to sleep hopefully. ;-( Not happening. Tia ended up staying home today from her last day of school. I just prayed that no one else would get "bitten by the bug". We just received a phone call from where Em was "staying the night" at a friends to hear she was getting sick and they didn't see it coming until it was too late. ;-( Oh oh . . . We rushed like crazy to go and get her to bring her home to be comforted; only to get her home and she was quickly needing TLC and our ever only "princess bed" set up when sick or scared. Now we have two down and hopefully no OTHERS!!! Disinfection round three~ Operation KNOCK OUT here we come !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pray for us to not have anyone else get "the bite in the tummy" especially Haddy since she is only days away from her first birthday.

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Perfect Escape said...

I'm so sorry you have an intruder in your house! May the Lord comfort your sick ones and protect your well ones.