Saturday, January 9, 2010


The embers of a flame are hypnotic
crackle from the sap, bark, pine needles, the tree
sparks fly, flames rise, heat is omitted
The smoke billows

The chimney comes to life
as the flames dance around,
teasing, laughing, hissing, soothing
the eyes is captivated
the smell of pine fills the air - wood is burning
memories along the ROCKIES permeates my soul, longing for each
moment to be rekindled.

The sound of wood being chopped with the flow of an ax
the buzzing hum of a chain saw
the cracking of the tree branches and stump turned into kindle
the hearth greets with open arms awaiting to embrace what will come
preparations: heat, fuel, and the source to provide
moisture, food made with love.

a fresh cup of Joe
a warm blanket
a good book

I love the atmosphere surrounded by the fireplace;

Romance, wonder, awe
All dancing in my thought - to me refreshing

The Fireplace

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