Thursday, January 7, 2010


Okay so I asked the family to not say a word, that it only could come from Mya.

Well . . . now we live on an EMERGENCY SNOW ROUTE so every time we need to move we are very quick to help out our neighbors and they us when the notice is out to "MOVE" off of the snow routes. Weather has been the best for that this year. We move, We dig out of natural causes and then getting the ice from the snow plows so that we are somewhat mobile. However today was a SHOCKING day to say the least.

Mya couldn't park on the "lower street" where we normally park due to getting stuck because of all the plowed snow SO she decided to park on the "Upper street" where she noticed her daddy parking. She jumped out yesterday after visiting "Ashley's for vitamin D" before the storm with "WHITE OUT" hit. She was very excited that she was able to get everything done, have fun with family and then a friend over until wee hours in the morning working out, playing Wii and watching movies. Today Kent needed to get out and Mya felt she needed to also. As Kent was getting ready to go help her and get the van and car dug out Mya came in to the house and said, "THE CAR IS MISSING!!!! It's GONE!!!!" With us looking at her like deers caught in the headlights, we asked her if one of her friends could be playing a joke. By the look on her face she wasn't joking. Well . . . a phone to the police department to report a possible theft she informed me that the car was TOWED around 2:17 am Jan 7.

I needed to really apologize to Mya. I admitted I was wrong in my attitude, sought forgiveness and said I was sorry before I called the police dept. again to ask for more assistance to find the cars location. I was short with her, frustrated at what we would find out. Bummer to blunder with your child.

Well we were shocked. Mya moved her car off of our SNOW ROUTE onto another snow route.
I only wish we could have had our car at the first location: Collision Repair, where we were told it was at first. They were VERY HELPFUL and KIND only to discover, it was NOT there. A few phone calls later, an unprofessional and unassisted call later did we find our vehicle. My prayer is for a man who definitely NEEDS the Love of Jesus. He not only was rude, he hiked our towing fee from what we where told it would cost, then he called back our cell and said, "When are you coming back, because I need to eat breakfast!?" Matthew reminds us to "LOVE OUR ENEMIES!" and I prayed like mad for him because of his un-professionalism being so harsh. We realize it was our mistake after the fact, we contacted him to see what we needed to pay and took care of our debt. Hmmmmmm is this what is meant in "turning the other cheek or going another mile?" Yes sirree, because two wrongs don't make a right. And he obviously needed the love of Christ to come across his path and maybe put bread on his table for his family.

So the word of advice, be aware of your surroundings and signs before you park ~ especially in the winter during a snow route emergency. ;-/

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