Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Ultimate

Weather challenges many individuals in different ways. For some it is the tasks of pressing through the "HARD THINGS". After reading the book by Alex and Brett Harris, Do Hard Things; which is amazing to think on. This has become the Ultimate in challenging my thoughts, actions and now new mantra for 2010. I remember hearing about this book and the Rebelutionaries, the Harris Brother teens, while attending CIY -MOVE in Holland Michigan 2008. Let's move on.

Ultimately I love the ending; or really I enjoyed the ENTIRE THING! It reminded me a lot of what I used to be like when I was a few years younger. So here is something that really captured my eye as well as my heart to do something different with my life beginning 2010. After all it is never too late to begin something, right?
  • " Things that take you outside your comfort zone- taking risks to grow.
  • Things that go beyond what's expected or required - pursuing excellence.
  • Things that are too big to accomplish alone - dreaming and daring big.
  • Things that don't earn an immediate payoff - being FAITHFUL and CHOOSING INTEGRITY.
  • Things that go against the cultural norm - taking a stand for what is right."
Nothing like starting like the present.
Do hard things. Do little hard things. My Ultimate with all that is possible with in.

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