Monday, May 31, 2010

Ah Family

What lies ahead? Oh time to reflect has taken place all day, We ran into "Auntie Joan" when we were getting things together for camp, to be with some of our "FAMILY." Then after catching up on her children and their families; their visit with Beth just last weekend (yesterday returned), preparations to be with Brent and His bride, Kelsey to help them in their new relocation and their new season this weekend, and the prayer requests for Scot and his family and all the ER runs in the midst of everything for them. We stopped right there and had a prayer coverage for the Peace the Lord can grant to all of them recovery in health, safety in relocation and other requests in His will to be made clear. Like I said reflection with her brought many memories of our past with her family "The Irwin's" over the past twenty two years. AMAZING to be able to pray over her children and now their families like their family so often did for ours, all because we have become family.

Never take "family" God gives you for granted! Since ~ Summer 1988, we are changed; our lives wrapped forever in family ties through Christ. Because we became grafted into other families that became instrumental to our heart beat - literally and how sweet it is! To see Joan this morning enjoying simple pleasures like a smile, laughter, listening to her concerns, her excitement, and reflections - ahhhh JOY to the soul. I LOVE FAMILY that one becomes when connect to the Love of Jesus Christ! I really do. Because of that connection here is how the girls are enjoying the love of family around the world.

Mya, twenty two years later is beginning that new walk also of discovering "family". Interning in DR is sweet to see the connection to others who are becoming her family in Him. SWEET!!!

Tia, Laughing and enjoying "family" with friends this Memorial Day because of being grafted in also to the family of God.

Faith, Enjoying a picnic with a friend because they are with the body - "family"

Emily, laughing with a friend she led to Jesus who brought her mommy to Jesus later and they are with their "Family - small group".

Yes, "FAMILY" in Jesus is the sweetest thing every and they are part of our lives tapestry and we consider it wonderful to be among "FAMILY" who are One in the Spirit!

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