Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Today is a fresh new day to walk. There has been a challenge laid before me and today is the day that an attempt to climb, crawl, walk, hop and even run through it that it is beginning.

The curly dark chestnut hair is pulled back in a ponytail, her t shirt, blue jeans and shoes are adorned. Ponders as she may, "What lies ahead? Will the past effect the present and the future? Is adventure in the wake? Will it be sojourned alone? How will it change me? If so, in what way? Can He be rediscovered in a vitality of realization, dream and FOCUS? Yes, like in the past of the time of stepping onto the crane lift, harness secured, safety ropes applied ready to leap. Adrenaline pumping, steps left untold of where it will lead. Let's begin this walk to be a discovery like no other!"

Walking. Hand in hand. Step by step. Here it goes, please don't leave but guide me, hold me, my life truly is encompassed in YOU, let's create the impossible with man, but not with YOU!

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