Friday, May 14, 2010

friend in need

There's a dear friend in need, Her name I'll keep left unsaid to protect her; She shared with me how she has been hurt very deeply by her spouse several times throughout their marriage.

I've PRAYED for her to find comfort,
I've pleaded her to rediscover trust,
I've explained to her to forgive.
My only desire is that she would turn her entire heart over to Jesus Christ. That she would lean on him 100%! He can help her only if she is willing. She has expressed how she has been crying endlessly, sobbing uncontrollably, and trying to protect her children - Oh that she would discover the Hope in Christ.

Won't you pray with me for her? She is having deep sorrow in her marriage, and she and her young husband have wonderful children who are still young. They need all prayers possible to help them reconstruct their marriage. This is my request for my precious Friend in need.

I'll be continually prayer for her and for THEM as one, won't you join me?
Ecc. 3:

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