Thursday, May 13, 2010

How can it be described

Trust . . . how does one define it? Is it something we gain or have from the beginning? How many times does it count when a soul has been severely damaged and needs guidance to trust again? How long does it take to regain trust that has been lost multiple times over the course of a lifetime? What does one do when that trust has been broken by someone they care about deeply? Where does the comfort come from fully, really?

Trust is granted from the Lord. ;-) Yes we all mess up, however the graciousness of the King is the ONLY way to trust again. As people we tend to let one another down. But with TIME there will be healing and trust will come soon with Him as the only focus. when one leans FULLY on the Love of Jesus Christ ALONE because He is trustworthy! He is the Hope to help a soul trust again. PTL!!!

So even when one is hurt so desperately RUN to the KING OF KINGS and He'll allow you to cuddle in His arms and find discovery to trust again. He really will get this dear one through it TRULY. Jesus is the only way.

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