Saturday, May 22, 2010

I will sing praise

Song of Praise. I will sing Praise to Lord all the days of my life. For there is ALWAYS JOY in all circumstances, and ours happens to be One Graduating, One Sweet Sixteen, One Exiting Elementary and another the Immersion of Jesus Christ! All with FAMILY here!!! Praise, Praise, Praise!

I Love the joy of Life, even when it is with a sense of strain to turn the tide into another chapter of my Life. The joy of it all comes with continued love and praise while the girls are flying and soaring. Oh there is ache right now (sniff, sniff) but life is not easy. Here in the western culture though we have it "pretty darn good". I have known struggle in different ways but there is still joy. Joy because it is a dependence on the Lord. Joy because I LOVE HIM with all my being. Joy because He sustains me. Joy because he assures me of HIS PRESENCE in everything, yes EVERYTHING. I cling to Him with a death grip since I've discovered him, especially right now the past few weeks. At present, with all these closing chapters and the beginning of new chapters yet to be written, I lay my life upon his lap and soak in the moment to feel his presence in my life! Life, it is all that I possess and it is yield to him now more than ever. The month of May 2010 has been a whirl wind and I will sing PRAISE to the King of Kings who truly LOVES me as well as those who desire to follow Him. Where is the future? Where? IN HIM, therefore I will sing PRAISE! ;-)

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