Thursday, May 20, 2010

still needed

For those of you who are prayer warriors, my friend just got a hold of me. ;-( She is so distraught. PRAYER is my only deep answer, I didn't know how to help her, I don't know how to relate. Maybe you can pray for her with me, without me disclosing her name. She said she is very "alone" and "suffering" from a marriage shock. She doesn't know how to go on. She also mentioned I could ask for help from other prayer warriors, "as long as I won't mention her by name or location." I will allow her to trust the Lord with her trust in me. So here it goes. Her husband and her have sadly drifted a part. They have children and they need us, the Saints to uphold them all. But especially her marriage which is in serious danger if not submitted fully over to Jesus Christ as their healer.
I only know her side of the version, but they both need to communicate. She said she doesn't know if she has any love left and that she feels betrayed; ;-( I was speechless. We prayed! Won't you along with me pray for healing, LOVE and true forgiveness from both of them for one another to take place? They still have a need to realize what brought them together. I know they still LOVE one ANOTHER they just need to both come to the cross. How? No other than prayer, can we lead them both to RUN to Jesus Christ. She said they both 'know' him as their Savior; so warriors, begin the prayers for their marriage there. She also conveyed, "help us, ME ~ please! What do we do? I want to LEAVE, get a divorce. There is no trust left for us! Where do we turn? What do we do for the kids?" We prayed again! Implore the throne of God for HIS Grace, they both need to turn to God for his full shinning glory and to begin with the compassion of the Lord!

The truth of God's LOVE for them both is still needed. I don't know how to help her; either o them, their family other than PRAYER, so won't you join me? That is still needed.

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