Monday, August 30, 2010

check the attitude

Step by step it is all about our attitude. Some are the most positive, some the dreary of dreary negative, some in between but it is all up to us. I have really been thinking quite a bit lately and it has come to me that there are those that can rain on any parade no matter what. You know the attitude. Maybe it comes from being related to "GRUMPY" from the Snow white and the seven dwarfs, or Eore from Winnie the Pooh. Okay so those are fictitious characters but you get the point.
Who can make a difference? YOU and ME with the right ATTITUDE! Yes our attitude determines every thing. Which is the outcome we desire? The pain of CHANGE of the pain of REGRET? With deep thought and a wake up call, I know which I desire. WAKE UP!!!! Do a check up for the neck up! OKAY, Maybe a Heart stress test from the bowels of who we are inwardly. There are so many outcomes that lie in our paths because of OUR ATTITUDE.

So I ask, as Art Williams once said, "Are you a Dud or are you a STUD?" He has a wonderful attitude, a heart check up with the LORD and is a wonderful Leader! When you run into an ongoing pessimistic, negative attitude of a person - LEAVE. If it is YOU - CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDE. The Lord gave a wonderful example in so many ways through his Son, Jesus Christ. Many can not stand Him, because it requires change of life for the here and now, only to create the BEST IN YOU to really be one that attracts light and POSITIVE change.

You CAN DO IT! Everybody wants to BE somebody! EVERYBODY! Somebody to LOVE! Somebody to LEAD! Somebody to Change! Somebody to LISTEN! Somebody to CARE! Somebody to REACH the LOST! Somebody to CURE! Somebody to invent the REAL CURE FOR CANCER - Without being GREEDY of the MONEY! Somebody to RESCUE the weary! Somebody to be a GREAT MAMA or DADDY! Somebody to Touch the UNTOUCHABLES! Somebody to ENCOURAGE! Somebody to SACRIFICE! Somebody to SERVE!
It's all attainable!
Where is MINE, Where is YOURS?

So take the attitude check and "Be a Stud!" It's all up to you. Go do it!

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