Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Friends ;-)

Fun with Friends. You simply cannot beat that! I went on some "training appointments" this past week and stopped by a couple of friends homes that have been in my life for minimums of eighteen years give or take five years. Friends through ministry, friends through Camps, friends through children rearing, ahhhh it warms my heart that through the years it has been wonderful to know them all. At one home, we laughed so hard - mind you while I was training, that it brought back many memories of pleasure to call them "Family Friends"! I truly LOVE a good laugh in many areas of life even when it can be "serious" in the atmosphere of a training yet light hearted enough to take one another serious while laughing together. Thank You to those of you who are assisting me in training, and allowing me to laugh as I learn, also to feel like I am at "home" and the essense to smell the PINE of the ROCKIES (awwww refreshing).

Fun with Friends in each stage of our life is stupendous, especially when the bond is through Jesus Christ! No regrets! And it made me remember In Christ, there are no absentees in time just sweet fond fun that binds us together no matter what! :-) And when we do reconnect time feels like it stood still and we picked up where we left off - SWEET! Fun with Friends . . . that are really "FAMILY".

That is the joy of FUN with FRIENDS!

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