Tuesday, August 17, 2010

forty eight hours

There is so much to do and it seems not enough time to accomplish the tasks that lie at hand. Intriguing to me is the thought of it all, the quandary of where it will lead, and does it really matter in the scheme of things? Will it be My Opus? Oh my Joy :: To watch the Fabulous Five Princesses, my own little women this week has given me much joy, when other things are tugging, pulling and stretching at my heart.
Sure. Why? Because it is moments to live my daughter. It is the time to reminisce of what will come with this move. This adventure is just beginning. It makes me step back in time and remember the dreams, the goals, the visions of expectation that I had and some that I still posses. Life is fragile and very brief in all of eternity. The reflections of life are sweet, flowing with currents so full of rushing waters, slight bends, rapid waterfalls, and the melodic tune of a bubbling brook. It is the ebb and flow that I am truly thankful for every part of my life. Now with the next forty eight hours I will take a deep breath, look into my baby girls eyes and wish her the very Best as I inhale her vivacious smile, soak in her rays of Joys while I Praise the King of Kings for another FORTY EIGHT HOURS!

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