Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's time

My heart is pondering because "it's time" and life will forever change our family unit. She is our first and we knew with out any question it would come. It's time. She is ready. We will cherish. We are grateful. We are human. We are real. We are fragile yet strong. It's time.

She opened her wee little eyes long ago, yet it seems like "just yesterday". It's time. We held her, we prayed over her, we have experienced many things with her. It's time. The eve of change at the the precept of anticipation and butterflies pump feverishly through my vanes. It's time. The adrenaline of so many emotions. It's time.

Here she is Lord. We are releasing her back to you. It's time. THANK YOU, for our quiver is full and we praise you for the opportunity that seems to have flown by rather briskly. It's time.

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