Thursday, August 5, 2010

tech no frustration my eye

Have you ever had supreme frustration with technology to the point that your very nerves went absolutely crazy? You look on a "map" to discover that it is TOTALLY incorrect and created a mind lapse of unquestionable doubt and no sense of reason what so ever?

With today that was the very thing that took place and scared the holy tar out of me, Kent and the girls. Satellite maps without accuracy is AWFUL for a parents heart and mind when it is VERY inaccurate! UGH!!!

Praise God that it wasn't what it was portrayed in ANY WAY and as a parent, TRUST wasn't totally thrown to the wind - after loosing a decade of life praying it wasn't accurate, then screaming at the stupidity to be with in 6.1 miles of accuracy way AFTER the fact is dealt with !!!!!!!!!!!

Good Golly Miss Molly it was a TECHNO FRUSTRATION morning!!!

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