Tuesday, August 10, 2010

To Rise and Fall

Put one step in front of the other. Baby Steps. Perseverance. Crawl. Run. Plateau. What do they all have in common one may inquire? It may be a risk to rising and falling. Some make it but others QUIT!

The rise and fall of many nations, kingdoms, relations make it through the toughest of times when they rise from a fall. The meaning to gather your wits about oneself and move forward when others may try and suggest other wise or the "easy way out". The successes of life often that are EXCELLENT come to those who make it through the struggle and rise from the falls in life with character; despite the attention seekers, who do nothing.

Have you ever run into what I call "The Z00m Eeeekers" racing forward at extreme pace to stop and not complete what they say they will ~ EVER? Or how about the "New Next Thing SEEKERS" always going for the hype of NEW NEXT THING but again never follow through with anything because they are busy running to the new thing? Or this one has grated me since a child, the "Busy Laziness" individuals that want the strokes, glory and pat on the backs but never finish or accomplish anything because they are not willing to stick to the task and MAKE IT HAPPEN, they slide by pretending to be so busy and are doing EVERYTHING by the CUFF. Example: An individual of a location I was employed, playing around acting like the individual was working but never did anything really - kind of "winging it" and "getting by" but it's good mentality. They desire the GLORY of The outcomes but are not REAL. You know those kind of "jump on the band wagon" individuals yet don't really work. Those who are "cheating" everyone around them but MOSTLY themselves in the guise of rising to the top but have "no fruit for their labor".

As a brother who preached on this four years ago ~ they are like the "Cotton Candy Christians" after the frill and fluff of life sugar coating everything with NO SUBSTANCE. YUCK!!! They are the individuals that are not founded firmly on the solid foundation. A minuet fraction of the abilities that "could be" but never accomplished because deep down they are just quitters because they don't work, waiting until the last minute - making the atmosphere inconsistently mediocre thinking it is okay. Much like the rise and fall from the Asap Fable :: the Tortoise and the Hare. Call it what you will but let's be true - it's laziness!

I want to rise and fall with those who are steady, yet rise for the long haul. Visionaries with longevity. Those who can work earnestly in hard and make it to the end with incredible character. The rise and fall of faithfulness that develops the integrity of that character to be substantial to the outcome of a full life of eminent humility with rich fullness of humility and a legacy. One that seeks not his own glory but the only ONE that truly matters. When I fall I pray I rise in the masters hand refined and get back up to try it again until it pleases him to the fullest in order to use my abilities, as are best and press on.

I am thankful he led and continues to lead how to rise from the fall that means eternal rewards.

So keep the Faith, stay the coarse and complete the task before you whether alone or with a few along side your being knowing the reward is in Heaven and keep His EXCELLENCE in mind and give it your BEST at the very least. Have a wonderful life!

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