Thursday, October 21, 2010

be still and listen in the moment of shock

The spirit of God has been moving again. This time I called each and everyone of those productive spiritual movements to follow through in a phone call. I LOVED getting to talk to my mommy, now called marmie.

I couldn't understand, maybe I need to just be reminded to call her and tell her "I LOVE YOU MOMMY!" (yes I still call her mommy, mamasita, marmie) I thought I have been led because of loosing Mom K on this side of heaven and not telling her enough that I love her thinking I have "enough time to do that". But lately it has been different. Mom has been on my thoughts. Will I take care of her like I experienced my very unselfish sister in Love doing? Well I called her like I have been, once a day. But today it was the third call. I asked, "Mom, are you okay? How are you really doing?" I heard in a calm voice. "well, I went to the neurosurgeon and I am scheduled to have a procedure, a brain surgery on November 20. I have what is called Chiaris'." She began trying to describe to me what it is exactly and I listened but drifted. Shock mode kicked in and I leaned upon the Lord. "Open my ears, ABBA please. Help me to hear what she is saying. Help me to lean on you, trust you and allow me to be free to be scared IN YOUR ARMS so that I may draw upon your strength." Okay so marmie was born with it. Along with both of my living aunts and a few second and third cousins. Is it serious? Yes. Is it operable? Yes. Is it risky? Yes. It is hereditary. . . ..

I heard her, and I became frustrated with so many questions. Why didn't they find this earlier? Was it necessary for her to go through all these moments of the doctor(s) saying the past eight to ten years, " . . .. there's nothing we can do, we can't find anything, you are fine, maybe you have . . .." The the Holy Spirit reassured me to Be still Ana-Maria and LISTEN. Then give praise to the King of kings during the next moment when by yourself during the ten minutes up to bible study as you drive north when you drop off Em. Remember, He allowed it to be diagnosed now! The neurosurgeon is going to be of assistance. He is one with success because the Lord has allowed it. She is going to be in the Lord's hands. This to will be in the measure of His Glory to be revealed and used for His purposes.

I have the rest and assurance of peace. Everything is in His control, yesterday, today and tomorrow. "Holy, Holy, Holy, are YOU ALONE Lord God, Almighty. Who was, who IS and who is TO COME! YOU ARE HOLY!"

Thank You for your arms wrapped around my precious first LOVE! I am so grateful for you being in My LIFE and placing me in your life and Loving me with your undying compassion.

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