Tuesday, October 19, 2010

one step leads me

One step at a time. The rustle of the leaves. The sound and smell of autumn. Um mm. I will forever recall the walk in Bettendorf with six others. The cool breeze, the rustle of leaves, the sound of laughter, the sprinkler spraying water, the side walk run off dripping into the street. The shuffle of Papa's steps.

Tonight brought back last Wednesday late afternoon leading into the early evening. Hadassah laughing at the playground, the teasing and giggles of her voice while making the bridge bounce on the play equipment. It is the change of colors upon the trees in the mid west. Deep oranges, cool auburn's, greens, golds and reds. Amazing how the season so quickly transformed before my eyes. No rose colored glasses. Just the reality of transition of another season that carries a sweet memory.

One step at a time we heal and discover the joy in the midst sorrow through peace. Family equals LOVE. No matter how much we realize it, family is sweet. We are grafted in to the true vine and have the capability to produce fruit that matters. Fruit carried by promise, hope, peace and real joy to grant a harvest of love though His blood. The earth and all it's creation here in the bible belt is getting ready to sleep and slumber like a bear in hibernation. The coat grows thick, the leaves fall down and blanket the earth, the blood thickens and the eyes grow weary ready to slumber. One step forward giving way to the cool crisp air bringing in change. Our change has been significant for our family. Through this time our hope lies in the hands of the wonderful tender hands of the King, one step at a time. The one step that leads me and comforts me is the one to know and believe that God is good ALL the TIME, All the time God is GOOD!

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