Monday, October 18, 2010

At The Foot Of The Cross . . . my heart

A new day, a new look. There is so much to be said about new visions. I realized this weekend just how much I have been set free from the most ugly thing called sin because of a man who gave his unending Love! That same man carried our family through one of the most unifying moments to this point. Reflection is, how many moments do we have to say THANK YOU for a breath. How many of us can see the grace, and mercy when they meet suffering?

On our way home I realized just how beautiful living for Christ is! Our memories together, our tears that fell at the foot of the cross. A phone call, a young man offered to bring our precious Mya home. We drove away from family once again NOT taking them for granted while waving. Three awaiting our return with the baby. Tears, many tears silently fall. We all arrive and it is "different" she says. Short visit. But seven once again we are all together at home. Twenty three of us all together, missing two, while we unite to celebrate her day. Six weeks that were bringing us all to appreciate Love, Family - one another~!

As our little one was taken to his home to return her to college . . . ache. We can not await the moment to visit but this was different. Tough. My heart couldn't reach out enough, but our embrace everlasting. At the foot of the cross I lay her down. Knowing HE is in control of LIFE and our living for HIS GLORY!

The desire is for her to see it is really ALL ABOUT HIM at the foot of the cross. Value, significance and LOVE is only truly FIRST FOUND in HIM. There is only ONE who needs to find and win your heart that matters, so Seek Him with a whole heart and YOU shall find HIM. To her invitation: look at the foot of the cross, there is Peace, Joy but ultimately . . . TRUE LOVE that awaits you & is only found here!

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