Friday, October 8, 2010

rose color is scheme is complementing

Upon arriving to the home, the astro rolls gentle into park. The heretage of the youth of her grandchildren meander up the walk way, the door slowly opens and the warmth of LOVE fills the air to match the soft fragrance from the candles aroma wafting along to comfort our hearts. Will we get to see her gentle frame in peace? Yes. Her complexion is the most beautiful radiant pink. Her eyes slightly opened and her skin is as soft as the most smooth babies bottom. She is adorned in a wonderful rose color top. My desire is to sit by her, touch her hand and lean over to let her know we're here. The girls and I made it to see her. My voice can't seem to escape at first. Then it trickles but a whisper . . . my voice expresses to her, "Mom, it's A-Lou, I am here. You look so BEAUTIFUL this morning. I LOVE YOU. Oh by the way you are radiating in the rose pink top you are wearing." Then with a smile slightly forming on her face her eyes slightly slit open and I get to yes see a sliver one more time of those wonderfully breath taking blues. (side note) I LOVE EYES if that is being discovered for the first time while you are reading this blog.

I have loved her eyes since I first met her in the mid eighties. They are a brilliant cascade of blue like the open clear ocean rolling softly across the white sand on the "Blue Lagoon" I once visited in the Bahamas along Nassau. Every time I saw them I was captivated. I still am. Okay so my one wish left before she is perfectly healed is to see them fully one more time. To be captivated with the windows to her soul, like so many times before over the past quarter of a century

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