Thursday, October 7, 2010

Mixed emotions

It finally hit me last night. How could a win/win actually be this emotional. The tears finally rolled down these Spanish cheeks, flooding these chestnut browns with emotions put on hold for way to long. Like a child who just wants to be tightly embraced and to never be released. It went by to fast, yes way to fast. I hunger for your embrace ABBA. We were just beginning to renew some things of the past. We laughed a lot this 2010 summer. We just watched her enjoy pizza and her favorite cookie. The treatment was progressed forward just last week. Yesterday seems like just a blur. Yes a blur, WE LOVE HER! We love EACH OTHER.

The tie? A godly woman who bore four beautiful children has been BLESSED and is being called home. Never take it for granted ~ I have cried many tears over the past seeing those whom I love loose their loved ones very close to them. It broke my heart to see them in mourning. I felt helpless but prayed unceasingly. Now my Lover is experiencing who knows what along with his dad, brothers, sister and aunt. My sister in LOVE and I cried together. I so desire to hug my other IN LOVES and just be there with them to mourn while celebrating with Mom K until she is home.

My mommy used to say something in Spanish meaning along the lines; blood is thick, it equals family! Praise the Lord for his grafting is more than 'thick'. It is DEEPER and the roots can never be separated. I do Love her like I love my mama-sita and wish that we had MORE to make memories with. May she dance and her EYES glow again as she walks with JESUS! Her bible is worn and filled with the LOVE of her desire to KNOW THE MASTER! Your children and grandchildren call you blessed MOM K. It is with mixed emotions that this is written, I hope that I may hold your warm hand just one more time and whisper in your ears and maybe just maybe get to see those Brilliantly Blue EYES one more time before you walk in Heaven with the one I LOVE so tenderly. PST, will you please tell Jordan Micah to great Mom K with a hello for me and give the warmest hug you always extended to us through Mom K's Arms, Abba? Thank You Jesus that your answering our prayers and healing her perfectly. Oh and Thank you for the numbered days you have given us to enjoy the blessing of being "family" on this side of Heaven. I can hardly wait to see them again, but until then THANK YOU.

The very tender clay in Your Grip,
Your daughter ~

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