Tuesday, October 5, 2010

soft & radiant blue

His eyes were moist and very gentle. In his voice I can hear his sorrow yet the wonderful Peace from Heaven. His breath is even. His eyes the most beautiful sparkle blue, so similar to the woman who bore him. His pigmentation resembles the DNA passed amazingly on to him from his parents. He square jaw, his hands, his smile and his cheeks cascade with the care of a gentle hand like the one who held him as a babe.

Now his strength held with tender compassion, along with his brothers and his sister sit by awaiting the gentle flutter of the soul, to open her eyes and know that her children are there beside her along with her life mate of forty three years. He has been strong. He longs to talk to her, they all do. Just to tease her in their fun loving way. To make her laugh one more time with them. Their mom, his lover, her sister all await to tell her it will be okay. Her last few study times with him was sitting and enjoying Job. He clings to that memory with her. Just like the night she ate her veggie pizza from Papa John's, a sip of ice water to top it off with the softest flavorful oatmeal risen cookie, which is her favorite, that tasted so good to her.
He possesses so many similarities of her. The stride. His hands. His stare. His passion to read. His soft glowing embers of light painted a crisp cool blue, just like hers. They all carry a piece of her with in them. They embrace her and call her "Mom."

We desire to come and sing "Happy Birthday" to her on Sunday 10 October. Her life is weaved into ours with joy.

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