Wednesday, February 23, 2011


God is Mighty. How refreshing to sit with three precious Saints and know our hearts are knit in one accord. Beseeching the throne of God for His Glory! To rest in the palm of his hand and know he IS ANSWERING to the prayers of submission of His will.

God is Mighty. How magnificent to rest assured that he IS our REFUGE in time of the present. To know that His best is in His plan. To know that we are joining Him with a desire to please him. The Awe and Wonder of HIM! God is so AMAZING!

God is Mighty. How humbling to know that he allows us Joy in the moment of now. To lift up the quivers filled from Heaven and know ultimately He is in control. To connect with the spirit by praying for purity, wisdom, discernment. To lift up fourteen souls to become the BEST for the KINGDOM knowing it is being accomplished for His purposes. Prayer to rely and TRUST fully!

God is Mighty. and AWESOME! Only He is accurately the one to be called that! He is the Almighty! He is the Alpha! He is the Omega! He is Jehovah Jirah! He is Savior! HE is the I AM!!! Praise His holy name.

HOLY, HOLY, HOLY are you alone Lord God Almighty.

So here is my prayer through your word. I Love you Abba with all my heart, Thank You.
"You, O Lord, are with Kent, Mya, Tia, Faith, Emily and Hadassah. You are mighty to save. Take great delight in Kent, Mya, Tia, Faith, Emily and Hadassah, quiet all of them with Your Love, rejoice over Kent, Mya, Tia, Faith, Emily and Hadassah with singing." Zephaniah 3:17 For Lord, I release all of them fully over to You! After all, rightfully, they belong to you and you alone. You have allowed me to temporarily Love them. To trust them because of walking with YOU and in YOU! Amen and Amen

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