Saturday, March 5, 2011

Each passing moment

With each passing moment the hour hand seems to crawl
the seconds lapse as the minute hand flies rather rapidly

The whisper of a breath that you are eager to hear for the first peep
now gone with but a memory clung to cherish in the recesses of the mind

The grip of the hold in a clutched tight chubby finger and hand
lost in the moment of what now is the past and alone

The giggle of a wee little voice
now grown to a young lady

The chats, dreams, one time verbiages
come and now gone by
minutes, hours, days, weeks, years were just here
laughed and replayed in the heartbeat and mind

long talks and giggles, car rides and wishes
dreams to fulfill with wide eyes of wonder
Hopes to come and visions to stretch through

long hugs to comfort and assure of the trust
so close for the moment and pushing and striving solo fly freely
praying for protection and longing for soaring
hoping she knows that you are there for her always and forever

Off for the flight and danger around
knowing she has be taught and learning still abounds
decisions made too quickly then with others confided
moments of ache as silence brings bittersweet sorrow
now for the mending of growth that really began in the marrow
knowing the flight hits the mark
no question but to know

He gave and he smiles for the princess is His
Where she fully is to be
Knowing that the circle complete

He knew, He gave,
He created His masterpiece
molded and yielded with permission from thee
grow to be free and come live to see

Now she must return fully
as He calls, "Now come unto Me"
My Bride I have awaited and now it is time
For I have come to get YOU

They loved you, they cared for You with all that they could
Give of their best as a Mother and Father could give
for these moments with glee
though not easily
Only Her FUTURE is

My child, He Loves you for all that your worth
His priceless Bride
We Love you so dearly
but He even more

He is whispering your name dear loved
I've come
We release you to Him
knowing He knows what is BEST
You'll be fully at rest

Time did fly oh so quickly
yet standing so still
We Love you Immensely
yes we truly Always will

For your are our daughter
Our mirror
Our heart.

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