Friday, March 4, 2011

with arms wide open

The precious moments in a day. I come home and Hadassah, runs screaming, "I MISSSSS YOU, I MISS YOU! I MISSSSS YOU!!!!" then she shouts aloud, Mommy I LUVVVVV YOU! I HODE YOU (hold) while reaching up her great stretched arms ready to be lifted up! Amazing.

How many of us run like that and sincerely mean it with the Heavenly Father? Is he our Number one thought? Our running captivated attention? Where will it lead us? Are our arms open so wide that it hurts?


What do we want?

How bad?

What will drive us to PLEASE ONLY THE FATHER?

Are we truly willing to leave everything for HIM? If he were to ask us to RIGHT NOW?

Does it ache every member of our body to be away from Him?

Are my arms (your arms) stretched wide open as well as extended so far out that it hurts awaiting to "HODE YOU"?

Thanks for one of many lessons late, precious Hadassah Rose! I await with my arms wide open to Love You, and HOLD you for all that I have left with in me. Love you little Princess, your Marmey

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Keely Brooke Keith said...

Precious! Such a good analogy. Beautiful, Ana!