Monday, March 28, 2011

Three turned into an illustration

Okay well that chapter is about all the "lost." Like the Lost coin, the Lost sheep and the lost son. Great illustrations of how the Master feels about us when we are lost. He is ever more searching until we are FOUND.

Well our entire home went through this very situation of going through un ending searching. Searching and turning everything inside out, upside down and emptying everything that could have our "lost" item.

It wasn't until the girls were all down and we went through everything one more time. YIKES, where or where could it be? WHERE!

"Ana, Come here." "Did you find it?" "Come here please." Oh yes it was amazing here he has a bag sitting on top of the bench with some things and says "look" as I come around and peek into the bag of winter clothing and wrapped up between gloves and a hat our lost item was found. Or maybe remembered. We both giggled. Then my eyes finally fell heavy and immediately said a word of PRAISE and THANKSGIVING. It is only "one" and it was found.
Did it cause frustration? Yes after a while of "where did our steps take us through the day". It's when we begin to trust in the true source of reliance that our thoughts become clear, calm and focused.

I am so glad the Father finds pleasure and joy in all of us when "one" is once again Found. Although the ramifications are much more serious. ETERNALLY SERIOUS! Are you lost?
Wondering aimlessly with a void that keeps getting wider? Emptier? Unfulfilled? Then come! Come to the fountain of True Living Water! Drink the drink that satisfies beyond measure.

Jesus Christ brings Hope, brings joy and incomprehensible peace and brings life!

Why not turn to John 15 and be replenished with a truth that will lead you in a way that you'll never turn from. Blessings

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