Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"Oh my gushhhhhhhhhh that Haddy"

Okay so I turn around and find a few surprises over the past twenty four months
that match her exciting life ~
come walk with us through the past!
Well, here is a season of Pictures for you to enjoy:

Starting with what I discovered on my Mac this morning of "SELF PORTRAITS"
when the Mac was OFF:

Here are just a FEW:

Goodness me, out of the mouth of Babes. Her speech is impeccable. She has a vast vocabulary now and I don't grow weary of hearing her speak! I Love hearing her voice. It seems like "just yesterday" when we were surprised by our BLESSING soon to be arriving news! Wow; three years ago was our joy of discovery.

When she hears the door open she gasps deeply with THRILL in every inhale. Running then she looks at life we jubilant expression and a fevered pitch shouting; "I misssssss YOU, I missssssssss YOU!" "Hode (hold) YOU!" "HUGGGGG, hug, HUG! (she felt she needed to type also: kjjhhhhhg)" "Oh My gush I LOVE YOU" "Book, read a book" "thats so cooote (cute)" Oh the one that makes me giggle is when she sees ANY picture of herself, "Ooooooo, dats Hadday; OH MY GUSHHHHH (gosh), dats HADDYYYYYYYY!" and then she opens her eyes wide open and makes the most animated faces.

Enjoying life with all the girls makes me shout; "THANK YOU LORD!"

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rockstar said...

Ok that pic with the diaper and the cape is just about the best thing I've ever seen! LOL Beautiful!