Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A time to reflect

Three of these four girls are sponsored monthly! Won't you
consider to be the other ones' sponsor?
Which prevents them or a family member from being a victim of Human trafficking

When thinking about how to put it all into mere words, it seems unfathomable. However, when one writes from the heart how can the flow of emotion not be shared by the wonders lived in a different but very real culture.

I came back forever different! Along with thirteen other individuals! I can not begin to try to even explain fully what transformed; other than to share that God is AMAZING in his Grace and Mercy. That He still gives opportunities for his creation to choose HIM.

Flying for such a long period of time and leaving on October 10, 2011 to arrive fifty one + hours later at the destination of ministry. With absolutely no expectations or preconceived ideas my heart and eyes took in everything. Every stop made there was prayer literally laid before me. From meeting for the first time: the TEAM that would be my living family over the next few weeks, getting to the location terminal and gate with only one phone number in hand, there was no anxiousness but only peace. When I met them - again PEACE!

The peace of the Holy Spirit. The lessons of learning forgiveness over the past several months; a forgiveness that really only prepared me for the moments for living on foreign soil that temporarily was called my home. The peace for traveling over five thousand miles away from where it is comfortable to a foreign land, a different dialect, and a very different way of living. One thing that remains the same: The beating heart, the soul and spirit, the gospel is forever absolute TRUTH, even to a deprived wondering people who choose not to follow Him. There is a remnant that is there where my feet walked. A vibrant small spark that is really burning and making a difference Yes Jesus Christ is there.

That very presence of the Lord did grant a confidence and peace that only comes from the Master himself. From a very significant family where the spirit definitely is living in them. To a man who is a very godly man, who knows the Savior and lives it out with his life and the passion to carry out the vision of the gospel through rescue and passion. The staff that the King has brought together at every location - WOW. All of them are filled with Heavenly peace, and it shows. They run like a well running engine: Abba he is "motor" truly the King. The fuel is the Spirit. And the longevity of true comes for Jesus Christ's blood that is like the oil that keeps it all flowing and running smoothly. God is so wonderful in how he is working. I only wish that humanity and it's fall had not taken it's toll on the precious lives that it has.

Rapha Kids Club - prevention at the core and so many to reach! Many sponsored; 140+ but we need so many more sponsorships to be met! Safe houses/freedom centers prayer, support and so much more yet needs to meet. My prayer was for the Lord to give five for five! I have five princesses of my own granted from Heaven so it was asked of the Lord to grant five to pray for regularly to remember their faces. He fulfilled for now I know their names, I touched their hands and they are forever imprinted upon my heart by name, face and touch! They have names that I know but for their safety remain anonymous to the electronic world for now! But I know them and they know me, I will be their "mum" as they pleaded for me to be. I know Yahweh is their Jehovah Jirah! I Believe they will be FREE like the one I met on Sunday morning October 16, 2011. I know it full well.

My emotion is stirring right now, therefore it is time to draw this to a close. But if you would remember the one hundred and thirty nine girls and all of the staff that care for them right now and the others who may have wondered in your daily devotional prayers. I implore you for it would be deeply appreciated.

They are girls who need a "mum" interceding for them and their safety and healing. Please, Please won't you be their PRAYER WARRIOR as the natives literally love on them to FREE THEM?!

All in the name of Jesus Christ I write and try to be a voice through pen.
Amen and Amen

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