Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving Thankfulness

Thanksgiving was wonderful!

Family are wonderful ALL THE TIME! I love the moment to be truly Thankful for everything that the Lord has granted over the last year. It all makes me so very appreciative that at all cost - family is very special. And one of the added joys is a txt received from one of our special and loved nephews. " :) Awe thanks :) You have a great thanks giving spending it with all your girls love you."

He continually reminds me of how I am Thankful for ALL of my Family! Blessings to you sir and All of my entire Family!

This year Princess One was able to come home and it was wonderful to have all of our Princesses home together and get to spend it with family. Although I did truly miss our Prince who will soon and very soon begin to be a part of our family, ;-) !

Hearing the girls laugh and giggle and just enjoy one another gave my heart great pleasure. Joy of realizing that there is so much to be grateful for is a moment to relish the time to be able to know how blessed we truly are.

So I count it all joy to say THANK YOU to the the Lord for what he has allowed me to be given so that through him Love Lives brightly.

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Keely Brooke Keith said...

Great post, Ana! We love your family!!