Sunday, December 4, 2011

Ahhhhh December

Sweet, Sweet December here we are again. You never cease to Amaze me. The Joy you provide. The sorrow held at bay. There are five wonderful women; Amy S. (locally),Kelsey I. (out of town) and Stephanie (out of town), Julia G. (out of state) and two new mommies announced from our body of Christ Lyndsey and Sierra, I know right now who carry a child with in their womb. It so reminds me that just a few years ago we awaited with excitement that which was born to us around Christ's Celebrated birth ~ the last child that last joined our family. My life and first breath out of my mothers' womb came to be - all in December. Many Christmases, New Years Eve's and many many births in my family - Ahhh December, the exquisite Joy, like a snow flake Big and uniquely all it's own. That is like the adventures I have had all in December.

Ahhh December I love the time of the year. Why, because LOVE

PREVAILS in so many ways. The quote I heard in the past is so true, "I just wanna be LOVED, is that so wrong?" - unknown (really I forgot who said it, however it is only right to properly give credit where credit is due). No it is not wrong to want to be LOVED. Quite Frankly, December brings that out in MOST individuals for they begin to think of Others and not themselves. The joy of giving, the joy of forgiving, the joy of just LOVING come through the month of December!

Ahhh December. On my birthday you, oh Abba, allowed a day that SNOWED in my native growing up soil. The laughter of my brother and the voice of my dad gave me joy. A sweet text from on of my Sister in Loves brought the joy through a soft tear all in December. My Daughters (all of them!!!) have giving me many years of JOY through the month of December and now my new Son in Love shares in the wonder of December.

Ahhh December, I enjoy that I am married to the LOVE OF MY LIFE ~ to the only man I have EVER dated, and carried all of my "firsts" with and there will never be another. And this year the Lord of All is allowing us another anniversary all in DECEMBER.
Ahhh December. Thirty one glorious days to just say THANK YOU for the evidence of LOVE! To grow up in a mountainous area and call it home, and to experience the grandeur of Purple Mountains Majesty. To discover the Christ as my Personal Savior and to call upon him from Christmas Caroling - all in December.

I LOVE DECEMBER. The Laughter, the CHRISTmas Joy, the Magnificent Proclamation, the Wonder of the Birth of the Christ Child - all remembered through DECEMBER! From my first Breath, to a nuptial Kiss, a commitment of LOVE - during a BLIZZARD, vows declared, births granted, children carried, songs sung, hot chocolate, Christmas Carols and many traditions - all in December.

Ahhh December. Family - the importance of FAMILY - and now I get to experience my first Christmas with our Son-in-Love to be. Ahhh December.

I will rejoice and Thank You dear Lord for what I do NOT deserved - all in DECEMBER a time to LOVE!

Philippians 4:19

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