Monday, September 24, 2012

Flab to Fab. Get that SKINNY BACK!

Tummy flab?  Tired of Fat?   Wanted a firm set abs.  To get rid of the double chin that is beginning to show.    Goodness me,  I never thought I would have to deal with it when I was younger.  But five wonderful children this side of Heaven later. . . . Oh yes I DID!   Cellulite?  It was now a reality and a harsh one at that.

I realized that the "Muffin top" or "LOVE Handle" was starting to ROLL quite a bit.  Ha!   But when my precious Princess poked me and mentioned that she Loved my soft bigger middle;  I knew it is time to do something different.  I also knew I could not say it was "baby fat" because she was a preschooler and i was expanding rather than minimizing.

How many times do we; no matter our gender,  desire to LOOSE INCHES and or weight?  Or we say This years "New Year's Resolution" is going to be different.   "I need to start a Diet" that works.   "Tomorrow I'm going to  . . ."

With all that said, I know these statements have come out of my own mouth also.  However, it wasn't until After a view of pictures of the family pre wedding candid's did reality hit.  The reality of "OH MY GOODNESS LOOK HOW BIG I am!" screamed in my head.   Then a trip from the upstairs to the Laundry room in the basement created me to feel winded and through my mind and body through a BREAKER point in my life.

That breaker came with "what am I going to do now?  How am I going to start getting smaller?  Loose weight?  Loose inches?  Start getting healthy?  HOW?!"   think, think, think . . . .   "No fad diets!  NO, those NEVER WORK!"  No HUGE cold turkey regimens either.   But what?

Okay.  So I began noticing a friend from the past and she was 'different'.   I messaged her.  What was her secret?  But did it really work?  How did she do it?  When?   How long did it take?

That's when I really discovered, Okay I am going to "Try it!"   I ordered, applied and now four applications later.   New confidence!   No more Rolls that were more than just a muffin top!   Inches disappeared, I mean really disappeared!   I LOVED IT!  I STILL LOVE IT!

Want to know what it is?  It really does WORK!
IT WORKS!   gave me confidence again.  These are pictures of my personal Results after 3 of the 4 wraps (4 are an application).   I LOVE my results!  I am so EXCITED!

What is even more exciting is that I am NOW an EXECUTIVE DISTRIBUTOR with IT WORKS!  Because I am living proof of what the body wrap and other products can do for you.

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