Saturday, October 13, 2012

Where have I been?

Dreaming!  Living!  Daring!  CHANGING!

Okay after seeing myself and realizing that I wanted to enjoy the Family for a while longer after getting "winded" running from one level down two levels and back up again several times I knew Changes where necessary.  I lost site of the way I used to DREAM.  LIVE.  DARE.  Therefore CHANGE was and is NECESSARY.   Getting back into the groove of journal, reading,  talking, sharing and finally my health.  I DESIRED TO LIVE AGAIN as the LORD created me to FULLY LIVE!

I cried out to the LORD!  I knelt my self to HIM fully and there . . . I was broken.  Broken in a very good and real way.  Then he and his aroma finally took hold and from there my life has been changing, stretching and giving to being willing to take risks, work, and TRUST with patience.  

He gave me HOPE, PEACE AND JOY beyond my understand.  He built me up through my weakness. He sustains me to this day and for that I am so grateful!  I came back to one of my life verses that made me smile.  "Call to ME and I WILL ANSWER YOU (A_ _) and SHOW YOU GREAT and MIGHTY things which You do NOT Understand."  Jeremiah 33:3

                             I didn't like what I'd become in many way,
                  where it began showing in my physical lifestyle.
 Before making a CHANGE 5-23-12
 After 3 changes 7-7/8-12
After 5 changes 9-27/28-12

In a nut shell here is something very ENCOURAGING TO ME!  
I am SHARING with you My PASSION: 
First step then the rest followed

Surrendered Life to Jesus Christ
Surrendered Life to LOVE 
Surrendered Life Family
Surrendered Life New Dream Career
Surrendered Life healthy CHANGE
Surrendered LIFE

Abba, Father, God + Family/Ministry + Health + Career = My PASSIONS correctly in line

want to know more of how?
Personal Message Me and I'll share.

I Love because he First Loved me . . .

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