Thursday, October 18, 2012

One, Two

One Step, Two Step,  Giggle Giggle Giggle!

I LOVE the season of Fall!  It is with a warm smile upon my Face that I REJOICE.
My heart beats a little faster.  The faint whisper that turns to a load roar from such a wee little one who is so vibrant and full of life.


I am Greatly appreciative of the man the Lord allowed me to marry.
Forever, learning of all the Blessings so richly bestowed on my easel call LIFE.

One Step, Two Step,  Deep breath in - exhale!

I LOVE the short years of a span - "but a midst."  I still grin will JUBILATION.
My heart slows down as the lungs expand slowly and purposefully exhales the riches of each moment.
Forever, still ecstatic with the mere Joy of the present of THE PRESENT.

One Step, Two Step,  Grin!
Forever relishing what is my TODAY!
For tomorrow may never come so I ENJOY
   richly savoring every view, smell, thought seeking to take it captive
and lay it in the proverbial mental scrapbook.

One Step, Two Step
  allowing one foot in front of the other to give it all Back to HIM!

Abba, Thank You so much for what you have Lavished upon this impoverished soul that relinquishes every beat in gratitude and Praise.   Thank You for the footprints left upon the soul and every beat of my heart.  I Rejoice and Sing your Praise.

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