Monday, January 25, 2010

21 gun

21 gun solute than the bugle - TAPS.

It makes me very appreciative to be a citizen where we are still free to proclaim the gospel
because of our founding fore fathers established many things in the name of Judeo beliefs.
Men (mankind) fought for our freedoms and still do to keep us FREE.

Today was a day to remember our Veterans
through a funeral service I attended.
From the very first veteran service I attended only weeks old
to now; I am thankful for those who have fought to provide me the
humbling honor to be called a citizen of the United States
where freedom presently still rings.

For those whom have laid down their lives for me - Thank You
I do remember you and it will be forever etched in my memory
when I hear that 21 gun solute and TAPS.
For you I am thankful so that I can freely worship the TRUE KING and be FREE!

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