Sunday, January 24, 2010

New or Not New

Have you ever had a moment where you thought you just experienced a "dé⋅jà vu" or maybe you didn't? Did that really happen or not. Was that a new encounter or not? Though it was contemplated the true realization = FOUND FAMILY

Okay so let's do some circling here to bring you up to speed. Today we met our brother and sister preparing to relocate from Joplin to Africa - that's right AFRICA! Our fellowship short but our lunch conversation revealed a great deal. For instance: We discovered the passion for the Lord to be great! We discovered our lives were both touched by the same family in more than one way.

The family; THE CASEY'S touched my life in the 80's their lives intertwined with ours on multiple occasions. College, camp representatives, mission trips, conventions, hospitality visitations, etc. up through the present time. The Casey's lives intermingled with the Beck Family in several ways; :-) PTL!!! Now we met one another TODAY!

I loved hearing about the experience that brought them to today. I truly enjoyed seeing how Faith just enjoyed the company of their daughter Rylee and desires to get to know her! Oh I know our encounter was New but it didn't seem so. It was very refreshing to see how new can be so refreshing that it is really not new at all but ~ FAMILY! Thank You Becks' for sharing your heart with our family. We count it a privilege to have discovered your heart. Until we meet again may you continue to BE New yet not New to others.

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