Thursday, January 21, 2010

Gentle Giant

"Blessed are those who mourn for they will be comforted . . . " Matthew 5:4

5 am came too late when we were awakened by Kent's cell phone
We knew something wasn't quite right . . .
One of my favorite gentlemen in our body moved to ICU . . .
What? Why? His heart?
To look at Bob every Sunday morning sitting right behind us with his huge smile - ah; I always make an earnest attempt to greet as many as possible every time we worship together which now makes me desire to keep greeting others sincerely. Because of special people like BOB; I am so grateful that I get the privilege for those moments: to say, "Good Morning, Bob" with a firm, warm handshake from this man who was a gentle giant - then a sincere hug.

To grab his hands is like grabbing a loving grandfathers grip, To see his soul through his eyes, I never questioned his LOVE for the Lord - NEVER. Bob the grandfather figure; a man of many years, his body worn with time yet his gentle soft hearted manner warmed my soul every time I saw him. His grin priceless. He not being a man of many words but when he did speak my ear lent full attention. His encouragement from the moment we met him was continual in spurring us on. His last affirmation - WARMED my heart to the core because I knew Bob only speaks his words with meaning and thought. I am so glad I heard him and LISTENED to him one more time!

Bob is with Jesus now after awaiting the defibrillator to be "releasing" his body. I will definitely come and grab his hand when we are in worship with ABBA our Father God during The ULTIMATE WORSHIP service. When I get to be home with my brother -BOB I will say, "Thank You Bob for your smile, your firm grip that was very gentle and for your example of Loving Barb like you loved JESUS!" Bob - You will be missed this Sunday . . . But I can hardly wait to See YOU AGAIN my friend, my brother. Save me a spot to sit next to you AGAIN some day soon!

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