Sunday, October 16, 2011

Safe House Wonders of Cambodia

Hello from Cambodia,

The moment of Today is a reflection of how big our God is! God is Amazing in how he has granted great provisions. However what is AWFUL is the people here no not of our AMAZING God! How great He is and how lost they are! When riding the "Tuk-Tuk" today I sit in wonder of how the " Men are like Gold and the women are like cloth." Let me explain that phrase,

Gold when it is dirty can be cleaned up, polished and still have it's worth. Material when it is dirty it is forever stain and considered worthless. Women and children here are considered property. Little girls, young girls are seen as the ones to take care of their family however, they are "sold as property" with no value.

My five girls are the MOST VALUABLE assets that we have been humbly privileged to have as PRINCESSES! I Praise my Lord and Savior for giving them to us in the USA. I look into these most wonderful eyes of every girl and my heart aches for them. Aches to want to show them they are wonderful!!! Psalm 139! They are so BEAUTIFUL! Yet they are so hurt from what their culture handed to them. Rapha is a wonderful HOPE for them. Hope because this morning sit next to "_ _ _" she smiled and said, "I am a Rapha girl and I FREE for FOUR YEARS!" with the most wonderful smile in her eyes and across her face as she shined for Jesus! WOW!!!! She brought her sister for the very first time from a "far away province"because she is excited to share her JESUS with her people. May there continue to be more "_ _ _ 's" and someday there will be no more need for RAPHA TO EXIST!!!!! That is my PRAYER - the safe house that is NO LONGER NECESSARY!!! It will Happen!

In Jesus most wonderful name AMEN AND AMEN!!! God Keep Blessing the Family you already have been working with. For their safety I will keep them anonomous.

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